Corn Plumbing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

 When is inspection of sewer line necessary?
  • Your apartment office or building is 40 years old then inspection of sewer line is must.
  • You are planning to buy a house. And there is a huge tree in front of it than hire Corn Plumbing Services home inspection services to check sewer line.
 When is trenchless drain line repair required?
  • Trenchless drain line repair is less inactive than the old method.
  • If pipelines run underneath your building or residential area.
  • Dammed or broken pipe because of foundation problem.
 When should I purchase a new water heater?
  • Water does not as hot as you want.
  • Problem in pilot.
  • Sediments and rust in the water.
  • Leakage from water heaters.
  • Strange noises from the heater.
  • Increase usage of hot water.
 Can we install a heater without professional help?
  • You should always hire professional Corn Plumbing Services technical squad for the installation job.
 Types of water heaters
  • There are two types of gas and electric water heater.
  • Choose according to your demand or call us for information.